Better & Happier Person

Janice Shun

Although I have experienced various other methods stress management, Gerrald’s method is the easiest to learn, and I love that it is non-religious. What I learned from him made me a better and happier person today.

Janice Shun

Less Rushed & Anxious

It was a beneficial course for me as I am now able to concentrate better; not to mention am less rushed and anxious in a lot of areas in my life.

Would also like to thank Gerrald for being genuinely concerned for my well-being especially on areas where he could assist. I am happy to have joined the course and would not hesitate to recommend the course to others.

Ee Ming

Putting The Past Behind

I have been practicing and your sessions have helped me greatly. I am no longer anxious or stressed. I have learned to put the past behind and move forwards. I am calmer, more relaxed, stress free and loving life. TQ Gerrald.

Irene Phillips

Tailor Made To My Special Needs

Malini Loke

It took me a long time to decided joining Gerrald’s mindfulness classes. The reason is that I can walk into any temple and Buddhist centre and the class is free. I am glad that I finally have taken the classes. The main difference in these classes is that Gerrald takes care of the student and tailor makes the class to my special need. I gained methods to overcome my problems and I became a happier and relaxed person by the end of the classes.

Malini Loke

Things Are Looking Up

I underwent counselling with Gerald for a two-year period when I was seeing him once a week. At the time I came to see him, I did not have a proper job (was working with my family business with limited involvement and attendance), and was quite depressed. Currently I have a good job and other areas of my life are looking up.

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