My Story

Gerrald Lee, Chi Choong
BSc. (Hons), CSMC

I first became involved in mindfulness when I was studying at Leeds university in England in 1996. I was looking for a way to improve my concentration for my studies. Previously I had studied at a prestigious boarding school just outside London, but I had not learned how to find peace in myself. My learning journey subsequently took me to Perth, Australia, and then back to Malaysia. I eventually graduated with an Honours in Psychology (Upper Iowa University) and got certified as a Stress Management Consultant (International Association of Counselor’s and Therapists, U.S.).

Since 2005, I have been doing counselling, and in 2008 I started teaching mindfulness classes, working with both adults and children. I have been a speaker at Silva Method graduate meetings and various other centres. I have also been interviewed on ASTRO (satellite television) on anger management and contributed articles to “Yoga Life” Magazine!

It’s been a long journey since I first started out. I have found that my mindfulness journey has deepened quite significantly since first learning mindfulness almost 20 years ago. One of my commitments since 2012 has been to teach mindfulness based on my own experience, not just book knowledge. I have sought to bring this practice into my daily life, and have spent 50 days or more on full-time retreat.

It is my goal and purpose to assist people through counselling and mindfulness. There are many people who suffer from mental or emotional difficulties, such as depression, anxiety, trauma, fears and worries, stress over life changes, stress due to a terminal illness, suffering due to physical pain, the list goes on.

For some these difficulties are very serious, for others they are less so. But because these difficulties are universal, we could call them part of the human condition! Difficult situations and emotions are part and parcel of life. What matters is that we transform our REACTION to difficult situations, and how we transform difficult emotions. Like how dung can be used to fertilize a tree, eventually producing tasty fruits, our difficult emotions can be transformed into wisdom, meaning and happiness.

Whether your difficulties are serious or not, if you just feel dissatisfied, or are suffering greatly, my services serve as a gateway to finding relief, inner peace and happiness.

Kind regards,
Gerrald Lee, Chi Choong


Gerrald guides and facilitates adults and young people (children and teenagers) in healing.

The following are his objectives:

To Guide Adults

Who are dissatisfied and searching for peace. Examples of dissatisfaction include family, relationship and job issues

Recover from mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety

Who are experiencing life crises, such as terminal illnesses, loss of a loved one, mid-life crises and others

To transform themselves emotionally and mentally and bring meaning and happiness into their lives

To Guide And Counsel Young People

To manage their emotions

To improve relationships with family, friends and others

To recover from mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety

To help them deal with the issues facing children today

To help young people in their early 20’s find their meaning and purpose in life


The following are his guiding values:

Integrity and Professionalism

High standards of integrity and professionalism are maintained


Clients and students are ensured confidentiality

Non-harm and Kindness.

Gerrald facilitates healing with kindness, acting in the best interests of clients

Skill and Effectiveness

Gerrald is a gentle, patient guide and has high levels of skill in facilitating healing, using amongst the most effective techniques in his field

Partial or Full Scholarships For Services Are Available

People who honestly cannot afford it can apply for partial or full sponsorship. Sponsorship will be awarded based on eligibility

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